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It’s a Podcast. But not just any Podcast. It’s a mobile Podcast where I come to your general location in my Ambulance (a.k.a. mobile Podcast studio)!! Someone nominates or suggests you via a submission on this website (or you nominate yourself), I come to you (or near you), we hop in the back, have a drink perhaps, and have a chat. The Podcast will be recorded right in the back of the ambulance. My goal is to hit every state in the U.S. Ideally I’d like to record several at each location of a different type of First Responders. Followed by a big going away part before we leave for the next location.
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Why Worst Day/Best Day?

Being a First Responder for just shy of 20 years I have seen and done things that no human being should be privy to. Without doubt the worst of the worst that life has to offer. I have worked hideous hours. I have watched parents question not putting a helmet on their child. When simply riding a bike led to their daughter now being covered by a white sheet in a cul-de-sac. Likely the same cul-de-sac they spent weekends teaching her to ride the very bike now lying under the sheet with her. I have brought life into the world. I have had to deliver the news to the woman who has been married for 65 years that her husband will no longer be sleeping next to her. I have helped to bring people back to life and given them more birthdays, anniversaries, and time with their loved ones. I have saved the life of child predators, and walked into the next room to honor the Do Not Resuscitate Order for a pastor. I’ve seen the innocent die and the guilty walk away without a scratch.
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